A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made for Team NomNom's Game Jam


The theme was Emergency Exit

It was made in under 5 days with 3 people : Fluffy_Kaeloky, Anstabo, Artlock

Fluffy's itch.io -> https://fluffy-kaeloky.itch.io

Anstabo's itch.io -> https://anstabo.itch.io


Used Crack musics from : http://pub.keygenmusic.org/mp3/!Others/

Used Substance Painter and SFX from Universal Sound FX


Controls -> Mouse (Interactions), Arrows, Enter, Escape (Exit minigames)


Gameplay Trailer by Fluffy_Kaeloky

Full Playthrough by Anstabo


GameExit.zip 90 MB


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Game Exit, what a simple but fun game it was. I Liked the cursed game concept.
All the 3 people who worked on this, Great work!

Maybe you heard already a lot but 'Super Pong' was a beast to beat. I needed to start the run to make even a chance for the other mini games.

Thank you! We're glad you enjoyed it!

And yes, the pong mini game is a curse within the curse, but it's technically avoidable if you force the last digit.

Sadly we didn't get enough time to fix it, game was published less than two minutes before the deadline. :D

I love the atmosphere of this game but holy dooley was the Pong minigame ever frustrating (went for too long, and too punishing).

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Yeah, the pong game was finished at the last minute and lacked some much needed polishing.

Glad you enjoyed the atmosphere though, big props to Anstabo for that, he did an awesome job!